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The more healthy foods a child tries before the age of two, the better the chance he or she will be a good eater later.


Get Your Supermarket Spy Game!

• Over 60% of children eat too much fat.

• Over 80% of children do not eat the minimum recommended amount of vegetables.

Over 90% of girls ages 9 to 19 are not getting enough calcium.

We can change that! Kids learn their eating habits at home, so home is the best place to establish healthy habits for life. Homemade family meals are healthier, cheaper, and gives your family time together!

But let’s be clear. Family meals should be a team sport. Every member of the family can share in the planning, shopping, prepping, cooking, and eating! In fact, the more kids help with a meal, the more likely they are to eat it!

Healthy Supper Club

The best way to get dinner on the table is to:

a) Find a genie in a bottle

b) Hire a private chef

c) Ask your boss to let you leave work an hour early

d) Join the Healthy Supper Club!

Healthy Snack Club

You pick up your child from a play date only to discover he's on a sugar high from loads of candy. Now he’s bouncing off walls and his teeth are rotting faster than a race horse. Prevent this from happening to you by joining the Healthy Snack Club.


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